Your constructor smells

A code like the following looks as a “code smell” definitely:

public ProductProvider(
    IProductDataProvider dataProvider = null,
    IProductDecorator decorator = null,
    IProductSearchCriteriaParser parser = null,
    IProductInventoryDataProvider inventoryProvider = null,
    IProductSessionDataProvider sessionProvider = null,
    IContentProvider contentProvider = null,
    IProductQueueProvider queueProvider = null)

But unfortunately nothing I can do. What can I say? Alas!

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1 Response to Your constructor smells

  1. abatishchev says:

    Actually, it’s more ok rather than a code smell. From what I know 2 years later, parameters shouldn’t be optional because iirc it was done only to simplify unit testing. That’s it, everything else looks like a proper dependency injection via constructor.

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