Carnation Anapa Winery, vol 1, day 1: Petite Sirah

Today I destemmed and crushed the bucket of Petite Sirah.

  • My weight: 78.95, my weight with container: 89.35, i.e. 10.4 kg of raw grapes.
  • My weigh: 78.00, my weight with bucket: 87.10, i.e. 9.1 kg of grape juice.

Equipment used. To support local I buy brewing supplies at Mt Si Homebrew Supply in Snoqualmie.

  • 6-gallon food grade bucket (primary fermenter)
  • Star San 4 oz (for bucket sanitization)
  • Plastic containers (for unprocessed grapevines, waste)
  • Hands (to destem)
  • Kitchen nylon turner (to crush). Need a better tool though. Like a potato masher.

Up next: I’m going to punch down it every 12 hours.

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