Carnation Anapa Winery: industrial crushing and destemming

Over the passed weekend I, my family, and my parents stayed at Knight Hill Winery in Zillah, WA and got a chance to participate in two incredible activities:

First, on Saturday, we’ve picked a row of Roussanne at Carthage Vineyard. It took for 4 of us (me, my dad, my wife, and the owner) about 3.5 hours and produced one full bucket and a little more in another bucket, totalling more than 1400 lbs.

Then, on Sunday, we’ve crushed it using real industrial-grade production line: tipped the buckets over using a forklift, dumped the grapes over a conveyor line, that dropped them into a industrial crusher and destemmer, then pumped over the juice into a 250-gallon tank.

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