Carnation Anapa Winery, vol 2, day 3: adding yeast

By about 11 PM of the next day I finished processing the grapes. I got at least 15 gallons of must: 2 almost full buckets and 1 little less.

This time I purchased at Mt. Si Homebrew Supply in Snoqualmie the yeast Clos Wine Yeast DYW45 that smells pretty good and is claimed to be “amazing for Syrah, Petite Syrah, Grenache, Tempranillo, and Carignane” (Cambridge comma is mine) by Cellar Science, batch #51362 (whatever it means).

I added about 5g into first two buckets and little less than that (almost the rest of the second pack) to the third bucket.

Up next: specific gravity in bucket #3. Which was 1.100, surprisingly or not the same as in the other two.

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