Carnation Anapa Winery, vol 4, day 1: The corner row

It’s that time of year when I drive to my friends at Carthage Vineyard in Zillah, WA and pick some leftovers after the harvest, from now-famous corner row. Why famous? Because last time I’ve picked from the same row and it worked out very well, the wine was great according to few local wine makers and grape growers who blindly tasted it. It’s a very valuable and high mark to me!

This year the harvest is late, it’s October 6th and two years ago I went there on September 18th. It’s an abnormal year: first, the spring was very cold and wet, broke multiple anti-records. And now the fall is very dry, the region is devasted by wildfires. It’s smoky on the both sides of the mountains.

What I’ve picked this time: 2 buckets of Petit Verdot and 4 buckets of Malbec. The links are mostly for myself to learn more about these two varieties.

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