Carnation Anapa Winery, part 2, day 13: Carboys

I estimate that 3 6-gallon half-full buckets will produce about 2 gallons of grape juice each. Unfortunately I couldn’t find 2-gallon carboys so I bought 6 1-gallon carboys at another local brewing supply store, Brewhouse Provisions in Redmond. I’m going to test 2 types of airlocks: S-shaped aka twin bubble and cup aka 3-piece.

But first I’m measuring again specific gravity in each of the buckets:

  • Petite Sirah: 1.000

  • Mourvèdre: 0.995

  • Grenache: 1.000

Now I’m pouring and pressing must out of buckets into carboys for secondary fermentation.

Additional equipment used:

  • Plastic funnel. The one I got is little too wide for mouth of small 1g carboy

  • Nylon bag. Next time have few. And a separate filter for the funnel

In addition of 1g of each variety, I got about 0.25g of Petite Sirah, 0.5g of Mourvèdre, 1.75g of Grenache. And now don’t know what to do with these partially filled carboys. Will mix them all together most likely.

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